David Lazaro likes long walks on the beach, spicy foods, dark chocolate, and utilizing Baybayin as an element or subject of modern graphic design.  Having discovered Baybayin in 2001, David was formally introduced to the script at a workshop during the 2004 MAFA conference facilitated by Adam Diaz.  Elated at the idea of there being a script that uniquely communicates Filipino culture and identity, David has since been incorporating Baybayin into his artworks and graphic designs.  When he’s not busy with graphic design work, branding development for Far East Movement, or taking over the world, David enjoys travelling across the states to present and facilitate Baybayin workshops at various conferences and universities.  He continues to write about, educate, and display his Baybayin works on his website, TheBathalaProject.com.

You can check out David’s graphic design at Creative Kuya, follow him on twitter, or contact him via e-mail