L.U.V – Directions Music Video

Like I said in a previous post, I’ve been doing branding design for the rapper/community-organizer, L.U.V, and one of the projects I worked on with him was his music video for his song, Directions. I made sure to incorporate some Baybayin, specifically to highlight any Tagalog words he said. Check it out:

The idea behind the video is L.U.V talking about keeping a positive mindset under times of distress and oppression, through music and activism. Since it’s a philosophy behind is community organization group, Anak Bayan L.A., that nobody is either below nor above one another, we had to keep the aesthetics very down to Earth and real. These days many music videos, including those of underground rappers, seem to be very polished. To me, polished and glitzy underground videos are like watching Indiana Jones 4; it’s ok, but it’s missing that GRIT. So we took it back to basics, and made all the background signage by hand, much like the signs one would make for protest events (you can see the making of the signs in this video here). Then, to add on top of the protest-like signs, we would slip in some flashes of positive statements, kind of like a positive-propaganda message. The video was supposed to be one take, but it’s actually a mix of two takes; the first verse was one take, the second verse was the second. We tried all day long to get that perfect one-take, but it just wasn’t happening, and it was already too late to go back and re-shoot.

Overall, it was hard work but a lot of fun, and a big learning experience. While it’s mostly about L.U.V, I did have my own agenda to slip in Baybayin, to prove that once again, Baybayin is a usable form of type design that communicates both Filipino culture and a contextual message.